What is the Microbiome Forum Virtual Event?

Microbiome research has generated a wealth of information, but the science can become lost in translation from research to actionable interventions in clinical veterinary practice. The Purina Institute Microbiome Forum Virtual Event is dedicated to providing clinically relevant microbiome science for practicing veterinarians. Topics for the 2023 event include:

See the full agenda below for the complete program.

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*In jurisdictions that recognize RACE approval

Microbiome Forum Virtual Event Program
15 November, 2023
9 am–9:10 am (CST)
4 pm–4:10 pm (CET)
Welcome and introduction of Day 1 speakers

Natalia Wagemans

Jan Suchodolski

9:10 am–9:50 am (CST)
4:10 pm–4:50 pm (CET)
Diagnosis and clinical interpretation of intestinal dysbiosis

Jan Suchodolski

9:50 am–10:30 am (CST)
4:50 pm–5:30 pm (CET)
Antibiotic-responsive enteropathy: does it exist?

Julien Dandrieux

10:30 am–10:45 am (CST)
5:30 pm–5:45 pm (CET)
Microbiome Research Abstract: Early-life antimicrobial exposure and association with chronic diarrhea during adulthood in cats

Eva Stavroulaki

10:45 am–11 am (CST)
5:45 pm–6 pm (CET)
Microbiome Research Abstract: Abundance of bacteria and histopathologic findings on the small intestinal mucosa of dogs with chronic inflammatory enteropathies

Paula Giaretta

11 am–11:05 am (CST)
6 pm–6:05 pm (CET)
11:05 am–11:45 am (CST)
6:05 pm–6:45 pm (CET)
Nutrition and FMT for chronic enteropathy

Kathrin Busch

11:45 pm–12 pm (CST)
6:45 pm–7 pm (CET)
Microbiome Research Abstract: Long-term evaluation of the initial response to therapy categorization in 60 dogs with chronic inflammatory enteropathy

Susan Hodel

12 pm–12:30 pm (CST)
7 pm–7:30 pm (CET)
Panel discussion and closing remarks

Day 1 speakers

16 November, 2023
9 am–9:10 am (CST)
4 pm–4:10 pm (CET)
Welcome and introduction of Day 2 speakers

Natalia Wagemans

Jan Suchodolski

9:10 am–9:40 am (CST)
4:10 pm–4:40 pm (CET)
Decision making and controversies in the use of gastric acid suppressants

Katie Tolbert

9:40 am–10:20 am (CST)
4:40 pm–5:20 pm (CET)
Management of acute diarrhea – implementing the new ENOVAT guidelines

Melanie Werner

10:20 am–10:35 am (CST)
5:20 pm–5:35 pm (CET)
Microbiome Research Abstract: Differential fermentation of fibers by dogs and cats

Julie Spears

10:35 am–10:40 am (CST)
5:35 pm–5:40 pm (CET)
10:40 am–11:25 am (CST)
5:40 pm–6:25 pm (CET)
The gut-brain axis in epilepsy and cognitive dysfunction

Holger Volk

11:25 am–12 pm (CST)
6:25 pm–7 pm (CET)
The gut-kidney axis and its role in feline CKD

Jessica Quimby

12 pm–12:30 pm (CST)
7 pm–7:30 pm (CET)
Panel discussion and closing remarks

Day 2 speakers

Frequently Asked Questions
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